Steward Green has been in business over 10 years providing business solutions for its clients.  We have also been providing sUAS results for the last 5 years, speaking nationally about FAA sUAS compliance, safety, economics, quality and application. We have performed work in many states across the US, mostly in the energy sector.  We are FAA certified to fly commercially (both day AND night), maintain systems’ and pilots’ certifications, as well as possess the proper aviation liability insurances.


  • Deer (and other species) Density Data Collection & Analysis

  • Geo-referenced (real time) Site Mapping

  • Topography Mapping

  • Volumetrics (Basin volumes, Pile quantities- Organics, Stone, Mulch, etc.)

  • Photovoltaic System Inspections- Stray Voltage, Wire confirmation, Inverters, Panel Failure, etc.

  • Reservoir Dam Leak Inspections, Seep Detection

  • Sewer/Septic Leak Inspections

  • Wind Turbine Inspections

  • Capital Project Mapping & Monitoring

  • Project As-built Mapping

  • Site Amenities- Street Light Inspections, Drain Inlets, Culverts, etc.

  • Bridge Inspections

  • Building Envelope Heat Loss Detection


  • More affordable, timely mapping, inspections and site monitoring

  • Increased quality with the latest technologies

  • Increased safety and repeatability